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4-7-2020 - McKees Rocks MASTERS moving to September and Tuesday League postponed
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 McKees Rocks MASTERS has been moved to Monday, September 21st thru Saturday, September 26th.  Also, the Tuesday Night Golf League at Shadow Lakes has been postponed until further notice.
3-10-2019 - Tuesday Night League to Remain at Shadow Lakes for 2019 Season
To all League Members,
As expected, the powers that be within have decided to remain at Shadow Lakes for the 2019 season.  I hope everyone will return.  I know some of you were hoping to go back to Quicksilver, but that's not going to happen for me.  Although the conditions at Quicksilver are a little better and the drainage may be an issue at Shadow Lakes in the Spring, many players have said they don't mind the trade-off for the flatter terrain, and I agree.  I do wish there was a Range, I know many of you liked that.  Maybe Shadow Lakes will get theirs going again this year.  I also know the bar/food situation needs a little work, but with time, everything will get better, or we will eat somewhere else.  But currently, I love the sausage and peppers over pasta and I feel like the staff is making an effort to make us happy.
I know some of you have already told me, but please tell me again.  If you plan to return, please text me IN, and if you plan NOT to return, please text me OUT.  Thanks.  I'm sure we will still have a great league, and in time, we will fill it back up with people that like the course, like our rules, like our competition, and like our action.
8-8-2018 - NIT Format Changed
The format for the NIT (Scratch Strokeplay) has been changed.  It has been determined that excluding players from the payouts that miss the final week of the event is unfair.  So, instead of it being your best 2 scores of 4 then adding your Championship Tuesday score to it, it will now be your best 3 scores of a possible 5 posts.
5-23-2018 - Quicksilver pulls plug on 12 year relationship with
To all League Members,
Due to an unfortunate text conversation between me and Warren (who was apparently out of state with Brian and Carl), we will not be continuing our league activity at Quicksilver.  It looks like we will be moving to Shadow Lakes on Tuesday nights to finish the 2018 season.  I inquired at Ft Cherry and Moon too, but they didn't have room for us. Shadow Lakes has offered us a rate of $23 with cart or $17 to walk.
I hope everyone is able to make the switch.  I know for some of you, travel time will increase, but I also know many of you will be very happy not to play the hills and multiple unfair greens of Quicksilver.
So that you have an understanding of what happened, here are some of the details of our conversation:
After protesting the ridiculous early closing of the kitchen because of rain to Amanda and Warren, Quicksilver management has told me basically that I am not welcome there anymore.  Warren's exact text was "Carl and Brian are with me and the consensus is get the hell out of our course. Don't you ever fuck with me."  That's ballsy for a cock-eyed yes-man, but I took it in stride and didn't even argue. What ever happened to going the extra mile for the customer?  Why would rain make our players any less hungry?  Guys still want to eat when they come in.  I understand that there weren't a lot of guys, but there were still 12-16 out there playing.  The shame of it all is that the kitchen staff lied to Warren and said there was a power outage causing them to close. We all know that wasn’t true. They served people until 8pm. Then, instead of staying til 9pm and serving us, they took all of the left-overs home for themselves. 
Nobody there really cares about the customer.  It's just a money-grab for them.  Remember the year that they just shut the kitchen down and we had to go to the Toni-Dale for the remainder of the season, including our banquet night.  That's bullcrap.  I understand that the Chef had some personal issues, but management needed to bring someone else in there to get the job done, not just screw us.  You aren't just buying golf for your $25.  You're supposed to be buying the whole experience.
I'm tired of their disrespect.  Did you know that Brian purposely doesn't order my beer for me?  I bring them $1,500-$2,000 worth of business every week, and the Food and Beverage Manager purposely jerks me around.  That's nuts.  It has to be intentional.  I can't imagine that any Food and Beverage manager is so bad at his job that he would allow any of his customers to go without their drink of choice, especially a customer like me that has been drinking it there for as long as I have.
As a show of solidarity, I hope you guys will boycott Quicksilver as I will.  I will also boycott their other courses, Green Meadows and Castle Hills.  We gave them a lot of money over the past 11+ years and they don't appreciate it at all.  Like I said, it's just a money-grab for them.  Also, if possible, it would be great if you millenials would write a bunch of bad reviews on various websites and spread the word throughout your social media channels.
Please text me back to let me know if you will be continuing with the league, or if you want a refund.  I hope everyone continues so that major restructuring isn't needed.  However, I understand if you can't make the adjustment. 
Hopefully this turns out to be a good thing.  Even though I didn't choose it, I think it's time for a change.  Remember, our league is great because of our members, not the golf course.